The ensemble InCoincidenza plays traditional music from Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Naples, and Sicily.


“La Coincidenza” is

providence, fortune, an encounter   

Musicians form different cultural backgrounds meet, by chance, and realize how well they complement one another: Tar’Antonelle from Puglia, the southernmost boot heal of Italy, Jane Lazarovic from the USA, with eastern European roots, Yoshio Takayanagi from Japan, Christoph Seehase and Stefani Schleyer from Germany. Naturally, such an encounter would occur in the cultural metropolis of Frankfurt, Germany.

“La Coincidenza” is

intersection, concordance, congruence  

Diverse musical traditions come together in accord. The vocalist, who learned to sing the traditional songs of Puglia from her grandmother, meets classically trained musicians, adding to the sound their experience in Baroque music with historical instruments. Foreign and far away overlap and resolve in harmony.