Tar´Antonella – Vocals, Lute

Tar’Antonella sings the traditional music of Southern Italy. Love, the sea, the sun and wind are ever present, as well as the drama of the lives of simple people.

Tar’Antonella was born in Salento, Puglia where the rhythm of the Tarantella lives on. She was raised on this rhythm and has fallen in love with the music of her home, again and again.

As a young girl she was introduced to this music by her grandparents. Her grandmother, especially, often took her to traditional regional events where the phenomenon of the Tarantella and the Pizzica reside in the context of local saints and spirituality.

Later, she started to sing and accompany herself with the guitar. In this way, she was able to develop a broad repertoire of songs and compositions.

Love, the sea, the sun and wind are her continuing inspirations.


Christoph Seehase – Archlute, Baroque Guitar
Christoph Seehase began his musical career in his home town, Münster, with liturgical music (organ, choir direction). Later, he studied special education and music pedagogy, specializing in guitar and organ, in Dortmund.

Christoph has played Lute since 1992, and has studied with Andreas Limperg (Wuppertal) and Sigrun Richter (Dr. Hoch´sches Konservatorium Frankfurt). A course with Peter Croton rounded out his musical education.

In various instrumental and vocal arrangements, he was able to deepen his knowledge of the Continuo.

With Renata Grunwald and Yoshio Takayanagi, Christoph founded the ensemble Ciocca Barocca which combines early Baroque music and literature.


Yoshio Takayanagi – Baroque Guitar, Chitarrone
Yoshio Takayanagi began his musical career studying voice at the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo and London, where he took his first lute lessons with Jacob Heringman. From 2003 until 2011 he studied lute with Yasunori Imamura at the Conservatory for Musik and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. Yoshio has contributed to CD and radio recordings with many groups including Bassorum Vox and the NDR Orchestra in Hamburg.


Jane Lazarovic - Viola da Gamba
After completing her double bass studies in Montreal and New York, Jane Lazarovic went to Budapest to learn Hungarian folk music. In summer 2015 she finished her Master in viola da gamba and violone at the Conservatory for Musik and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. She works as a freelance musician in the historical interpretation field and teaches double bass at the Frankfurt International School.  In addition she is a founding member of the music-cabaret ensemble “Evas Apfel”.


Stefani Schleyer – Flute, Percussion

Stefani Schleyer has played flute and the recorder for many years. As a music pedagogue she remains open to exploring varying styles of music. Her first encounter with the flute occurred during her childhood, learning traditional Turkish music. During her studies in musical pedagogy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Stefani received flute lessons. For years she has sung in several choirs for example in, the German American Community Choir and the Thomaskantorei in Frankfurt. In addition her contribution to stage work in diverse productions has allowed her to gain experience in Early Music.